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We have used Announcer for Financial Planning, the purchase of our own home, Taxation and Estate Planning. Through these services we benefit from the years of experience of those working for Announcer and we are always confident all relevant questions are asked and answered to our satisfaction before proceeding.

Kevin Lord and Kay Chrystal-Lord

Over 5 years I have purchased 4 properties and each time the research and support has been second to none. Every property that I have purchased has delivered the growth and yield that was committed, and my future is looking a lot brighter thanks to these guys. I would absolutely recommend them. Property is a complex world and it is best to work with the experts.

Neal French

We are very satisfied with the service that we have received from Announcer Law. Jessica Byrnes was very accommodating, patient and extremely helpful when helping my husband and I organise our wills. All of our questions were explained to us until we were confident that we completely understood the documentation. We found Announcer to be reasonably priced, very experienced and extremely helpful.

Sally Goff

Buying and selling a property is not easy. But you can trust Announcer in sourcing investment opportunities with detailed financial data to take advantage of market opportunities. Announcer leaves me little to worry about, other than decision making and contract signing. They are simply brilliant. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any person looking to reduce the stress, risk, hassle and confusion associated with property investment and sale.

Michael Duncan

We have used Announcer for Financial Planning, the purchase of our own home, and Taxation & Estate Planning. Through these services we benefit from the years of experience of those working for Announcer. Our questions are always answered in a way that is understood with absolute clarity for us non-professionals. We have recommended Announcer to many people and will continue to do so. We are always very happy with the level of service that we receive.

Kay & Kevin Lord

My husband and I are very satisfied with the service that we have received from Announcer, the processes are all smooth sailing. We feel that the real specific benefit of using Announcer is that everything we need is taken care of for us. We have to do very little except for sign on the dotted line. The fact that all of the departments: Financial Planning, Tax, Mortgages, Property and Law, take care of all of our finances means that everyone is on the same page at all times.

Leonie and Chris Scott

Announcer proved themselves from the very 1st meeting in adjusting our fiscal affairs to improve our financial situation. They took an overall view that other accountants often cannot see. Our decision to become a client of Announcer was based on their ability to listen and utilise the information given for our best fiscal outcome. We have enjoyed massive tax savings! We recommend Announcer to anyone who wishes to maintain their standard of living after retirement. We appreciate the personal service, the overviews, the team and the network which leads to developing a balanced portfolio aimed at growth.

Elizabeth Gervay

After meeting Tony Lu, I felt confident that we were on the same wavelength and that he could help me meet my goals. He took great effort in understanding my position. I felt comfortable and could see straight away the value of having someone look after all my financial needs in one place. I like that I have control about what we do, but with great advice and in an environment where we are accountable to someone to keep us in check.

We are willing to recommend Announcer to anyone we know that we feel will benefit from the service. Our friends and colleagues see how happy we are with Announcer and the outcomes we are achieving. It speaks for itself.

Karen Majsay

Being a young couple and just starting out, every dollar counts. We were a little sceptical as we were wondering whether we could justify spending our hard earned, limited funds on getting financial advice. We were pleasantly surprised and continue to be impressed with our results.

We were recommended to book an appointment by another client of Announcer and with the offer of a free consultation we thought why not, what did we have to lose. In our initial meeting with Tony we were impressed with his professionalism and enthusiasm in talking to us about our financial position and opportunities for growth and development. Our final decision to go with Announcer was based on wanting to make an active commitment for professional financial guidance.

In our first consultation, Tony Lu had us complete a short and long term goal plan. A year on and with the assistance of Announcer, we have achieved all of our short term goals and are on a clear path to achieving our long term goals. We both also have a better understanding of the various financial and investment opportunities. Tony has been fantastic in breaking down the jargon and explaining everything to us in laymen terms.

We would recommend Announcer to anyone looking for a step up into the market. Sure you can do a lot of these things on your own. Wouldn’t you want to leverage the knowledge and expertise of skilled specialists with in depth insight into the industry? We would specifically recommend Announcer to young couples our age, not just thinking about the now, but also into the future. It is a great way to set yourself up for success.

Kate Davis & Daniel Fields

What set Announcer apart from other Financial Advisers was the genuine feel I got from their business, the fact that I could actually see in the form of a checklist what Announcer would do for me and the fees were very reasonable. I had very clear goals, which to previous advisers I was advised to go different ways which I was not overly confident with. Ray Albrighton, from the outset, guided me and set me up with the tools that I needed to reach my goals.

The genuine and honest feel for the business was what really made me want to become a client of Announcer. I was excited to know that I could reach my goals with their help and there was no negativity in the discussions, only solutions to my situation. At the time I had three investment properties and one was jointly owned with my sister. Announcer gave me the confidence to know that I could sell my jointly owned property and invest it in another.

The most important benefit for me over the years has been having all of my financial affairs under one roof. As a single career woman, I did not have enough time to invest in managing my affairs so I engaged Announcer to assist with my finances, taxation and legal issues. During this time I sold my joint property, brought land and built and investment property, moved out of my family home, purchased a sports car, changed careers for a short time and I continued to save.

Moving into married life I have been able to extend to benefits to my now family of four, selling some investments to purchase our family home and setting up our self managed super fund. From our initial meeting, Announcer has been working behind the scenes to determine the viability or purchasing the block of land and prepare all of the documentation to get the SMSFrunning. The stress of these things was automatically taken away from us.

Despite the personal situation, anyone can benefit from Announcers services. Announcer has always considered my lifestyle and now my family’s lifestyle and goals. With their help we have been able to budget for yearly holidays and continue to work with confidence, knowing that our affairs are taken care of, including retirement and as our children grow towards attending school.

Nothing is ever a problem with the staff at Announcer. In fact I have never experienced the level of service from a company in my working or personal life. Anytime I have a question, the answer is always promptly provided. I really consider Announcer ‘part of the family’ and have confidence that no matter what challenges lie ahead in the financial market, Announcer will provide us with sound advice to maintain our current lifestyle and financial goals.

Belinda Walke

Having recently arrived in Australia, we were in need of some advice with regards to the Australian system, in particular superannuation and tax. Announcer was recommended to us by a friend of a friend so we felt confident when initially engaging with the Announcer Group. The idea of having a one-stop-shop for all of our financial needs was very appealing. We felt confident that with the team at Announcer, we would be able to plan for our retirement.

We are currently in the final stages of building an investment property. This is a venture that we would have been unlikely to have embarked upon without the assistance and guidance of Announcer. Whilst there have been bumps along the way, the staff at Announcer have been with us providing support and advice right the way through.

More recently we have been exploring the purchase of our own home. During this time the advice and support of both Announcer Law and Mortgage Prevue has been outstanding. I cannot speak highly enough of the service we have received.

Vanessa Clements

After the first meeting with Announcer, Tony Lu and I had created a path and a plan to enrich my finances and make the most out of my wages. Once I had consolidated my finances, it was just a matter of time before the right investment opportunity came along. Within 3 years of being a client of Announcer, I have purchased a rental property and am currently in the process of purchasing a second one. All of my loans and refinancing were taken care of with efficiency and ease by the charming Jenny Lam.

All of my tax, superannuation and mortgage broking needs are looked after. After recommending the services to my retiring parents, they told me that I shouldn’t have kept Tony and Announcer a secret for so long! I look forward to a healthy tax return every year and I would not hesitate recommending Announcer to anyone who is a bit lost or needs some sound financial advice.

Chris Nalletamby

What made us decide to become a client of Announcer was that we needed to get some strategy into ensuring future financial goals. I kept spending more than I earned and hoping for the best. Our Financial Adviser was able to show us that by following Announcer’s advice we could relatively quickly improve our outlook by investing in property and rearranging our superannuation.

We now have a property portfolio in excess of $1m, when 3 years ago we were renting. I have confidence that we will reach our financial goals for retirement, despite ever changing circumstances. Judi and I are very happy with the results that we have achieved and see no reason why Announcer couldn’t do the same for others.

Nick & Judi Billingham