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A Property transaction certainly stands out in most of our lives, as the most gratifying if not terrifying experience of our lives.

It’s one of the largest transactions you will ever experience.

Whether you are buying or selling, you want to be confident you are in the right hands. You want to make sure you have all the information and resources available. And most of all, having someone who can take on some of the legwork, certainly helps. It will certainly save your Saturdays for a start!

Move forward with your eyes wide open. It’s that peace of mind we provide for you!

Change the way you see money ... forever. We can help get you moving towards your goals faster with a free 1 hour Kickstart Me! Financial Health Check to get you started and motivated.


Your Paragon of Property

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Donie CollinsYour Paragon of Property for Life
Donie is currently the director of Property Prevue and holds a real estate agent’s licence. In his current role, Donie focuses on providing property advice for individuals & self-managed super funds. Donie completed a 4 year Valuations Degree in Bristol, UK before starting his career in property. Following an extensive 6 year career in property & valuations in Ireland and some farm and building work in Australia, he joined the Announcer Group in early 2012. With Property Prevue, Donie assists clients from determining the right wealth creation structure for each client, through to the research, selection and negotiation of investment grade properties tailored for each client’s needs.


We are here to help you make an educated and well informed decisions about your future steps. Announcer endeavours to build and structure our clients portfolio whilst explaining the rhyme and reason behind every decision.


We take a closer look at your properties with the most up to date market information. In completing a comparative analysis via mediums such as RP data and using a bank valuer we are able to wholly understand your property’s current market position and future prospective movements.


Buying the correct investment is the first step in structuring your portfolio, we then need to minimise the cash flow implications and maximise your total tax deductions. Qualified quantity surveyors analyse your property and create a schedule of total depreciable items to therefore maximise your total paper deductions for the year.


Once you own your investment it’s important to find the right team to manage this lifelong investment and to maximise its potential return at a minimal cost. With our panel of agents in all localities we have established relationships that enable us to negotiate a fair price for a quality property management service.


After months of saving to accumulate a deposit, you want to purchase the right investment to fit your investment and personal criteria. Finding the right property investment is time consuming and with so many prospects on the market it can be a daunting task to find the  “right” one for you. Get your weekends back, and engage one of the buyers advocates from our panel to assist you in creating a property short list tailored to your criteria.


When either buying or selling a property it’s important to have an understanding of its current market value. With a bank panel valuation you will know how much you can borrow to purchase or redrawn on your loan for your next step.