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You’re going to make a lot of mistakes building a successful business, that just means you’re taking risks, we’re here to help avoid the common ones and guide you to achieve your business aspirations.

Ultimately you should be building a legacy all stakeholders will be proud of.

Building a concept into a successful business requires a team of advisers invested in both yourself and your business. You need to be confident you have a viable flight plan for your business, one that is tailored and updated as circumstances change. Only enterprises that continue to move forward and adapt can find success in a technology driven, globally exposed business environment.

Prepare to have the time to focus on what drives growth for your business, with the welcome addition of a proactive team of business advisers.

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Ben AndrewsYour Bastion for Business Advice
Ben brings to Announcer his years’ experience in business advisory, superannuation, and taxation. Brought up in a small business family he has been exposed to dealing with accountants from a business owner’s perspective and has used this experience to offer a service tailored to your business’s needs. Ben takes pride in offering a proactive approach, one which is reliable and focuses on regular client communication.


Our holistic Business Hygiene service covers all services which are essential to a business, including: Bookkeeping, Activity Statements, Tax Returns, Financial Reports, Tax Planning and a regular Performance Summary.


Our tailored Business Advisory service involves preparing a flight plan for your business, identifying where the business is heading, and what the business aspirations are. We provide frequent communication on the performance of the business and highlight both areas which are performing, as well as those which require attention.


You may be buying or selling a business, or preparing a succession plan, either way it?s essential to have an understanding of a business? current market value. With a unique business valuation tool you will gain greater insight into your business and understand which areas contribute, and detract, from your business? value.


It?s critical that a business is held in the appropriate structure to ensure wealth is protected for both the business and the stakeholders. We provide a review of the existing structure, and hold a workshop session to ensure you fully understand the structure you are currently in, the proposed structure, and the benefits of the new structure.