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Will I have to work until I am 70?
Financial Planning?

Are you in the 18% or the 82%? Where are you at?
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Mortgage or Offset?
Mortgages & Lending

Should I pay off my mortgage or leave it in my offset account?
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Taking control of your finances.
Financial Planning

Where are the first signs of trouble?
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Parents help your kids move out.
Financial Planning

Some ideas and strategies to help your kids take their first steps. AGAIN!
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Maintaining your lifestyle during illness.
Financial Planning

Could you maintain your lifestyle during a major illness? Here are some ideas on what you can do, if you find yourself in this situation.
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Using home equity wisely!
Mortgages & Lending

Whether your an investor or home owner, making the most of the equity in your home is an important decision.
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The Biggest Myth
Mortgages & Lending

The biggest mistake we make? Waiting until we pay off our mortgage. That’s 60% of us!
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The Waiting Game
Mortgages & Lending

The waiting game … may end up costing you more.
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Using the Equity
Mortgages & Lending

Using the equity in your home to purchase an investment property.
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The challenges of home ownership.
Financial Planning & Property

What are your initial options for buying your first home.
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Who protects whom?
Mortgages & Lending

Taking out a loan of any kind can be an overwhelming and complex process.
So what is the difference between lender’s mortgage insurance and mortgage protection insurance?

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Identity Theft
Financial Planning

Do you know how to protect yourself? Identity Theft is a type of fraud. And it can be devastating – both financially & emotionally.
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Protecting your identity: What everyone needs to know.
Financial Planning

(Australian Government document)
Second Edition formal document from the Australian Government. A must read for all the facts about Protecting your identity.
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Can we manage a mortgage and a baby?
Financial Planning

How a little forward planning now, can make it easier to focus on whats important when a new bundle of joy arrives in our lives.
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New car … Investment Property
Mortgages & Lending

Are you driving your investment property? A really cool synopsis on the real costs of that new car, and the comparable costs of that investment property.
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The Good Ol’ Days … really?
Financial Planning

Were they truly THAT good? Do you think we’ve come a long way in the last 50 years?
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Have your tax & spend it too.
Tax & Accounting

How to make investing in property more affordable each week.
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Running a SMSF – Self-Managed Super Fund.
Tax & Accounting

Official documentation from the Australian Government, as guide for SMSF.
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Which Home Loan?
Mortgages & Lending

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Home Buying Essentials
Mortgages & Lending

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Property Investment
Mortgages & Lending

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